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New integration for VBR & VB365

CyberFortress Salesforce Cloud BackupYour data, your responsibility.

Cloud Backup

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  • Back up and restore data and metadata
  • Deploy in the cloud
  • Recover what you need, where and when you need it

Why backup Salesforce?

Organizations rarely think about backing up their Salesforce data until it is too late. Eventually, there will be some sort of incident -- an accidental deletion, data loader mishap, or integration error -- that will cause business‑critical data loss. When this happens to you, how quickly will you be able to recover?  

Protecting Salesforce is a Shared Responsibility. Even though Salesforce manages the infrastructure, it is your responsibility to protect your organization from Salesforce data loss and corruption.

Salesforce agrees with this: “It is important for Salesforce customers to develop a routine data backup strategy as part of their overall data management and security model.”

Veeam Backup for Salesforce makes backup and recovery a breeze.  Don’t wait until it’s too late; run backups and protect your Salesforce data and metadata in minutes.

New Integrations for Veeam Service Provider Console

Featuring new functionality for Microsoft 365 Backup

Cloud Backup

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Learn how to increase ease of use and ensure data backup success is monitored according to  business protocols by highlighting:

  • Custom alert monitoring thresholds
  • REST APIs to sync Veeam Service Provider Console alarms to ticketing systems
  • Automated remediation scripts
  • Local and remote Microsoft 365 workload and server monitoring

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