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Backup is not DRaaS

2023 edition

Backup and DRaaS offer vastly different approaches on how data protection is achieved. Our latest eBook reviews those differences, plus how and when to utilize each to ensure your data is properly protected.

Optimize Your Data Protection Strategy


the fundamental difference between Backup & DRaaS


the situations where DRaaS is more effective than Backup


how to formulate a robust data protection plan for your organizations needs

Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service, Powered by 

When disaster strikes — fire, flood or ransomware — the clock starts ticking. Each minute of downtime means further loss of productivity, revenue and upset customers. CyberFortress Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), powered by Veeam, removes complexity and puts DR in the hands of experts who have done dozens of full recoveries. Their experience gets businesses back up and running quickly.

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