Modern Ransomware

Webinar Series 

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The Gift that Keeps on Taking


On this webinar, our panel will discuss:

  • The current state of ransomware attacks and their impact on recovery and resiliency
  • What aspects of your data protection strategy aren’t up to speed to attain resilience
  • How to best use the cloud proactively to ensure resilience from even the most devastating ransomware attack and prove your data protection strategy WORKS

Rick Vanover

Nick Cavalancia

Senior Director of Product Strategy at Veeam | Veeam Vanguard

Moderator, 4-time Microsoft MVP at Conversational Geek

Vince Wood

Senior Systems Administrator at CyberFortress | vExpert

Jonah May

Solutions Architect at CyberFortress | Veeam Vanguard

Modern Ransomware: The Gift that Keeps on Taking

Ransomware attacks are our [worst] reality. It’s not just the attack you have to contend with; double- and triple-extortion methods abound, subsequent cyberattacks that occur shortly thereafter should you not close the initial point of entry, cyber insurance policies that dictate specific response actions that may or may not be taken before a claim can be made, and then there’s always the need to recover all affected systems, applications, and get data back to a secure, operational state quickly.

Today data protection and cyber coalesce under ransomware. Is it cyber resilience or cyber recovery? Learn how you can best prepare your recovery response to achieve a state of resilience in the face of ransomware’s unpredictable impacts on your operations.

It’s a big responsibility that you are expected to manage should the inevitable attack hit your organization. Join us to learn how to be confident and secure against ransomware.

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